horse and pony tales

by becky nichols



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-Excerpt from the best-selling book Bingo And The Healing Fairies


"Queen Delilah took the floor

and chanted words not heard before. 


A sacred language hidden deep

but so enchanting it would make you weep. 


She spoke it high and spoke it loud

and in prayerful softness of a cloud."




Becky Nichols is an author, illustrator and speaker in the field of children's literacy.  She's the author of the best-selling Horse and Pony Tales Series, and interacts with thousands of children and adults every year through appearances in schools and various workshop projects.

"Books that please the eye and the mind at the same time.  Stories that will stay with you long after they are put aside for others to read and admire. A must buy!"         Ruth Lee, Scribe,  author of "Angel of the Maya"



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